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Drug Prevention and Bicycle Safety School Assembly.

Welcome to United Freestyle Stunt Team. We will use our 15 years of experience in motivational to school assemblies to bring an unforgetable program to your school. Our professional athletes will bring amazing talent married with important sincere messages.
Our children are bombarded with messages of violence, drugs and negativity. We want to combat these messages with positive role models teaching kids that it is cool to be Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free. Through hard work and a never give up attitude nothing is impossible. We challenge them to pursue their dreams with passion. Our program will create a lasting impact on each and everyone of your students.
I look forward to answering any questions you may have 817-492-0594 or info@unitedfreestyle.com.

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Topics Covered:

Helmet Wear/Safety

What do we mean by drugs?

Break down of different types of drugs and how each type can ruin your life in different ways

Where drugs can take you....jail, hospital,dead

Peer pressure

Secrets to success....hard work, determination and a drugfree life.

Trust issues when your on drugs

All these messages and more are intermixed with awesome stunts that grab and hold your students attention. The ability to perform these tricks did not come easily. They are the perfect example of how hard work, and determination and most importantly a drugfree lifestyle can enable you to achieve any goal you set for yourself.


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Please contact us with any questions or comments.

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Box jump set up: includes a 5 foot box jump ramp and 2 professional athletes


Depending on the size of your student body, you may want to break up your students into two shows. Of course that is up to you.

Box Jump One show $799

Box Jump Two Shows $999

Please note extended traveling distance will be an additional cost. 

Please note any school scheduled over 2 1/2 hours away will be subject to rescheduling or cancelation if another school is not added to that days schedule in order to help will travel costs. We must have two schools scheduled in order to make a complete day.

We will offer you $100 discount to any school that can schedule another school on their scheduled day.

Please call 817-492-0594 for more information.


2 professional stunt riders

professional sound system

$500,000 liability coverage

sincere and meaningful drug prevention and bicycle safety messages

35-40 action packed minutes

commitment to provide the best entertainment and education


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